“She was of a noble family…”

Lady of the Tower Final ebook cover largeOrphaned Lucy St.John, described as “the most beautiful of all”, defies English society by carving her own path through the decadent Stuart court. In 1609, the early days of the rule of James I are a time of glittering pageantry and cut-throat ambition, when the most dangerous thing you can do is fall in love…or make an enemy of Frances Howard, the reigning court beauty.

Lucy catches the eye of the Earl of Suffolk, but her envious sister Barbara is determined to ruin her happiness. Exiling herself from the Court, Lucy has to find her own path through life, eventually becoming mistress of the Tower of London. The fortunes of the St.Johns rise to dizzying heights. But with great wealth comes betrayal, leaving Lucy to fight for her survivaland her honorin a world of deceit and debauchery.

Elizabeth St.John tells this dramatic story of love, betrayal, family bonds and loyalty through the eyes of her ancestor Lucy and her family’s surviving diaries, letters and court papers.