Book Clubs

I’m excited that I’ve been asked by several Book Clubs to be their guest and to feature The Lady of the Tower as a their chosen book.  Here are some questions that can help readers think as they read the book and discuss at the meeting:

  1. Which character do you like the most and why? The least and why?
  2. What passage from the book stood out to you?
  3. Are there situations and/or characters you can identify with, if so how?
  4. Did you learn something you didn’t know before?
  5. Do you feel as if your views on a subject have changed by reading this text?
  6. Have you had a revelation from reading this text?
  7. What major emotion did the story evoke in you as a reader?
  8. At what point in the book did you decide if you liked it or not? What helped make this decision?
  9. Name your favorite thing overall about the book. Your least favorite?
  10. If you could change something about the book what would it be and why?
  11. Describe what you liked or disliked about the writer’’s style?

The Lady of the Tower started life as a beta read in my own book club group, and I will be eternally grateful for that wonderful group of supportive readers who took my work seriously enough to discuss it and draw conclusions that I hadn’t even seen. It certainly helped pave the way for the final edition, and was a huge milestone in my own personal journey of a dream coming true.